How to choose a Business Name?

Choose a business name Founder talks

Most of us find it hard to choose a Business Name even if we are thinking about it for a long time. We have listed 5 points which can help you choose perfect name for your Business.

Why do you need to choose a Business Name?

Well, when it come to naming your Business there are several aspects which have to think about. A good name is sometimes very critical for success or failure of your Business. You need to choose your Business name in such a way that it reflects your vision and brand’s goals. A clear, powerful name can be very helpful in your marketing and branding efforts.

Let’s jump right into the key points which must be kept in minds while think of a Business name

1. Keep it Simple

We advise to choose a Business name which is simple and easy to write, read and remember. If you keep things simple it will be easy for online customers to find you for Example Founder Talks, it is easy to remember and gives idea of it’s business motto.

2. Keep expansion in mind

You might begin you business with a small idea or through a local customer base but you never know when you get the opportunity to expand your business within sates or internationally. Or there might be some change in business requirement which you can not adapt due to your business name. Example you start a Book Store and name it Bella Book Store and if you wish to add a cafe for your visitors or sell some additional trending gadgets, you business name will probably attract people looking for books only, not purchase cool tech gadgets. If Amazon would have chosen a name “Online book Store” it would not have been possible to sell things other than online books.

3. Use name which conveys some meaning

Choose a Business Name which conveys some meaning and it’s vision. I personally like name Dell Computers, it’s easy to remember, it tells the business is about computers. It does not restrict brand growth and it has some catchy vibe to it.

4. Make sure to check it’s online availability.

Today, it is not just enough to register your brand name with the government and start your business operations. You have to check about the competition, domain availability and other social media handles as well to see if the brand name you are thinking can be consistent over the internet. It is better if you get a (dot)com domain as it is easy to rank on search engines compared to other top level domain. A good internet friendly name can help you get traffic on your business website with less efforts.

5. Check if it’s already registered or trademarked

Before settling on a final name, you’ll need to ensure that you won’t be violating someone else’s trademark rights to a particular business name. You can do it by consulting some Consultant or look out for the desired name on the internet and find if any results show up on your searched query and if the name is there, it has any valid registration or trademark document available online. Avoid similar sounding name or twisted brand names to get any copyright infringement lawsuit, financial penalty or changing name of your business

Some other tips which are helpful when you start up is choosing a business name which gives clarity to your customers. Changing some alphabets to regular spellings or choosing some catchy name may backfire in your marketing strategy. If you are planning to start your own business we wish you best of luck.

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