Interview with Abhishek Negi, Co-Founder, Eggoz Nutrition

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Abhishek Negi is the co-founder of Eggoz – India’s first egg-focused consumer brand. Mr. Negi intends to develop Eggoz into an indigenous brand that would focus on bringing high-quality, chemical & antibiotic-free, farm-fresh eggs from local farmers straight to consumer tables. Within a short span of four years, Eggoz has emerged as a leading name in Delhi NCR and North India for top-quality egg distribution & supply. 

Eggoz is India’s first egg-focused consumer brand. The company, founded by Abhishek Negi, Uttam Kumar, Aditya Singh who are IIT-Kharagpur alumni, and Pankaj Pandey, intends to bring farm-fresh and chemical-free eggs for every health-conscious Indian. Eggoz works under a tech-enabled asset-light farmer integration model where company offers implausible support to local farm owners through an extensive network that facilitates the quick and smooth distribution of egg produce. Farmers with Eggoz receive holistic care including doctor support, input structure and market linkages.

Considering that most consumers buy eggs that are at least five to seven days old, Eggoz promises to bring protein-rich eggs from local farms to retailers within a span of 24 hours of laying. Consumers can now buy high-quality eggs that are not only fresh but also free from avoidable hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. All eggs sold under the brand are UV-sanitized and made available at stores within 24 hours of laying. 

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