Serene Goraya

Founder & CEO, Brandberrys

About Founder

Delhi-based Serene Goraya who is the founder and CEO of luxury e-commerce
portal for home décor ( has lent her expertise in Brand Management & Development to a diverse range of sectors. Prior to her dive into the IT segment, the young entrepreneur who is currently in her mid-30s and has
lived across several cities (Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi), also founded a successful footwear manufacturing brand in Mumbai called Cara Pyramids by Serene Gandhi in 2012.
Serene’s love for business and horses (she is an immensely dedicated animal lover) comes from her late father Mr Pritpal Singh Gandhi who was also her first employer and instilled in her, his entrepreneurial drive and business ethics of humility and fairness. It was while working for her father (as part of his sales
team), Serene found the inspiration to try her hand at coding and completed her
diplomas in Java, Python and subsequently C# unity.
Serene’s husband, Sim Goraya is not only her constant support, he is also her muse for and encouraged her to put her natural flair for styling and décor into e-commerce. When not furiously working with her team on, Serene loves spending time travelling with her husband, working out, and chilling with their dog Chloè.

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It gives us great joy to be able to do the thing we love the most, and that is shopping for our home. We want our customers to feel the same joy without having to worry about quality.

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